Participation du gérant d'ISMAST Energy SARL à l'International Energy Storage And Mobile Energy Exhibition & Conference 2018 en tant qu'invité VIP représentant le Bénin aux côtés de l'ambassade du Bénin en Chine.

The International Exhibition and Conference on Energy Storage and New Mobile Energies (SNEC) is an exhibition initiated by the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) in collaboration with several other Chinese renewable energy associations.

It brings together high-level representatives of industry associations from North America, Europe and Asia; CEOs of major PV companies, industry experts, academics, participants from research institutes, financial institutions, the media and the public to discuss the development of the solar industry.

At this 2018 edition, Africa was a guest of honor through the participation of Benin, Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania and Namibia.

Ismène AHAMIDE manager of the company ISMAST ENERGY SARL represented the Beninese private sector alongside the Embassy of Benin in China. She had the opportunity to present to an audience of American, European and Asian investors the energy situation in Benin, the main lines of the PAG in the sector to encourage them to invest in Benin.

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