Construction of 03 equipped and exploitable boreholes for the benefit of private promoters in the 06 communes of the Collines department financed by PADAC for the year 2021: Lot 1: Commune of Bantè and Dassa-Zoume

For the benefit of:

Agricultural promoters in the commune of Dassa-Zoume (PROJET PADAC)

Physical size

Structural work




April – August 2022

Brief description of the work done:

A total installed capacity of 2.7 kWp

  • Hydrogeological and geophysical studies;
  • Drilling with installation of a casing;
  • Realization of the support in reinforced concrete with a height of 7m;
  • Supply, installation and connection of a hybrid pump (solar and thermal supply) of 2 to 3m3/h;
  • Supply and installation of 6 photovoltaic panels of 250 Wp, connection kit, connection cables and metal supports, DC protection boxes,
  • Supply and installation of 100W solar projectors;
  • Supply of a 5KVA gasoline generator;
  • Training of beneficiaries and production of an operating manual

We are positioning ourselves to become the N°1 Energy Efficiency intervention in Benin.