Construction project of the Savè zone hospital


VICO SARL (Subcontracting)

Physical size

Structural work




December 2018 – May 2019

Brief description of the work done:

  • General Electricity Distribution
  • Construction of the HTA network on 500m
  • Construction and equipment of an 800kVA delivery station
  • Supply and installation of 630kVA and 110kVA generators
  • Supply and installation of a low voltage panel
  • Equipotentiality of the grounds by laying bare copper cables of 29mm².
  • Inter-building telephone network
  • Installation of the electrical distribution network between the TGBT and the buildings
  • Construction of 100 manholes
  • Outdoor lighting network composed of 36 street lamps
  • Supply and installation of three PDAs for protection against atmospheric surges
  • Supply and installation of safety barriers

We are positioning ourselves to become the N°1 Energy Efficiency intervention in Benin.