Electrification of the Farm "ESPOIR" and Implementation of Water Management




Gbowèlè, Dassa-Zoumè




January – April 2022

Brief description of the work carried out:

  • Design study of the project ;
  • Supply and installation of a 6,6kWp solar field with protection equipment ;
  • Supply and installation of a 15,3kWh storage system composed of 3 modules of Lithium Ion batteries of 5,1kWh ;
  • Installation of energy conditioners (2 Victron 250/100 MPPT controllers, 01 Quattro 48V/5000VA hybrid inverter ;
  • Supply and installation of a remote monitoring system for the installations ;
  • Supply, installation and connection of a source inverter to the existing generator ;
  • Commissioning of the plant and periodic maintenance ;
  • Supply, installation and two solar fields of 4kWp each for the pumping stations including DC protection boxes ;
  • Supply and equipment of the two boreholes with immersed pumps of HMT =60m and Q=5m3/h ;
  • Supply and installation of a remote monitoring system for pumping systems ;
  • Commissioning of pumping stations and periodic maintenance.

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