Project for the installation of solar photovoltaic generators for the production of electrical energy for the pumping of water for the irrigation of farms in the Republic of Benin (MCA Benin II-ENERDAS Group SA Project)



Physical size

Structural work




July – December 2022

Brief description of the work done:

Total capacity of 40,8kWp installed.

Installation of solar pumping systems, storage facilities and water withdrawal in twenty (20) villages in the Commune of Zogbodomey.
The work to be performed is as follows: Installation of solar pumping system:

  • Civil engineering of the PV supports (excavation and concrete mass in sill)
  • Installation and wiring of solar modules
  • Supply and installation of a protection box (circuit breaker and lightning arrester) and grounding of the installation
  • Supply of DN 50 HDPE pipe and pump immersion accessories
  • Supply of submerged cable 3×4 mm flexible and resin for the electrical connection of the Grundfos pump
  • Supply and installation of an electric float of overflow of the tank with flexible cable 2×1,5 mm².
  • Immersion of the pump
  • Assembly of the drill head (including ant accessories).
  • Supply and installation of pressure pipe DN 50 and galvanized pipe DN 50 with connection accessories
  • Tank filling pressure test
  • Construction of the water storage facility
  • Building a good fountain

We are positioning ourselves to become the N°1 Energy Efficiency intervention in Benin.