Project of Installation of mini photovoltaic solar power plants of 40KWp in total for the supply of the drillings F1, F2, F6 and F7 for the system of AEP and irrigation HA of Kouforpissiga Commune of Matéri (Lot ENERKFOR) within the framework of the Project UEMOA.



Physical size

Structural work




March – September 2020

Brief description of the work done:

The realization of the work as well as the services consist for each of the pumping stations in the supply and the installation :

  • of a solar micro power plant of production from photovoltaic modules,
  • of energy storage unit based on GEL batteries;
  • hybrid inverter, solar cables, connectors, protection boxes (DC and AC), low voltage photovoltaic panels (TGBT), AC cables ;
  • of a smart meter ;
  • a remote monitoring kit;
  • a battery fuse switch ;
  • a wiring kit/installation accessories ;
  • a support structure for the photovoltaic panels;
  • protection and control boxes for the pumps;
  • the construction and provision of an appropriate janitor’s room;
  • of photovoltaic street lamps;
  • User training

We are positioning ourselves to become the N°1 Energy Efficiency intervention in Benin.