Realization of 07 wells equipped and exploitable to the profit of the private promoters of the 06 communes of the department of the Hills financed by the PADAC for the year 2021

For the benefit of:

Agricultural promoters in the commune of Dassa-Zoume (PROJET PADAC)

Physical size

Structural work




April – August 2022

Brief description of the work done:

Supply and installation of solar photovoltaic system in :

  • Agropastoral Technical High School of Bariénou (Commune of DJOUGOU) 7,92 kWp with38,4kWh@C20 installed
  • Health center of Adrogbo (commune of Lokossa) 5,28 kWp with28,8kWh@C20 installed,
  • Health center of Piami (commune of SEGBANA) 3,90 kWp with19,2kWh@C20 installed,
  • Health center of Saloudji (Commune of DJIDJA) 3,90 kWp with19,2kWh@C20 installed,
  • Health Center of Goutin (Commune of ADJOHOUN) 3,90 kWp with19,2kWh@C20 installed
  • Work execution study :
  • Construction of the solar field, fixing of the modules supports;
  • Wiring of the system and installation of the storage park, converter,
  • Rehabilitation of electrical installations at various sites
  • Commissioning and periodic maintenance.

We are positioning ourselves to become the N°1 Energy Efficiency intervention in Benin.