Supply and installation of agropastoral applications connected to the Microsol energy system in Adjaha, Commune of Grand Popo in Benin


Société Africaine des Biocarburants et des Energies Renouvelables (SABER)


07 BP : 13388 Lomé – Togo

Physical size

Structural work




January – April 2021

Brief description of the work done:

  • Construction of a building for processing tomatoes into tomato puree and a cold room ;
  • Construction of a sanitary block ;
  • The development and construction of two fish ponds;
  • The construction of a pumping station for the water supply of the ponds and the development
  • The development of 2ha of sprinkler irrigation
  • The development of a river water intake
  • The supply and laying of pipes for the drinking water supply network of the tomato processing unit and the drip irrigation plot;
  • The supply and installation of a cold room of 10 m3
  • Supply and installation of electrical equipment and furniture

We are positioning ourselves to become the N°1 Energy Efficiency intervention in Benin.